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Dental Crowns

A tooth that has sustained extensive decay or trauma will need additional support to prevent extraction.

Dr. Gerald Grossman can save your natural teeth and enhance the appearance of your smile with durable, natural-looking dental crowns.

Learn why treatment at our Westbury, NY, dental practice is so important.

Why a Dental Crown?

A traditional dental crown is a restoration that completely encases a damaged or weakened tooth. Unlike a filling or inlay, a crown provides comprehensive protection and structural support. Dental crowns are an ideal solution for a wide range of problems:

Protection After Root Canal

A root canal is used to eliminate decay and infection from the tooth's inner chamber. The dental crown caps the tooth once it is healthy again to prevent further damage.

Replacement for Large Filling

A filling is not always enough to repair an extensive cavity. Dr. Grossman can replace a restoration that is inadequate or aesthetically distracting with a tooth-colored crown.

Reinforcing a Broken Tooth

Patients with severely worn-down enamel or a large crack resulting from oral trauma need to reinforce the structure to prevent the tooth from falling out.

Correction of Cosmetic Flaws

Crowns address the cosmetic issues that come with tooth damage, like discolored enamel and visible breakage. Your restoration is made from IPS e-max® porcelain ceramic and will appear virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

Restoration of Missing Teeth

If your natural tooth is beyond repair, we may recommend extraction and replacement with a dental implant-supported crown. Dental implants replace the underlying tooth root and provide stimulation to keep your jawbone and gum tissue healthy.

Your Treatment Timeline


Tooth Prep

At the first visit, your dentist will restore the health of your tooth by removing bacterial infection and the decayed tissue. Once the teeth are treated, we reshape the remaining structure to make room for your restoration.


3-D Impressions

Next, we take advanced digital impressions of your smile with our 3Shape intraoral scanner. Our dentist uses the images to design your custom dental crown around the precise specifications of your tooth.

Temporary Crown

These designs are sent to our partner dental lab, where skilled technicians hand-craft your restoration. The last step of your first appointment is placing a temporary crown over the tooth to protect the structure until the permanent version is ready.



Dr. Grossman uses only the best materials for our dental restorations, offering crowns in zirconia or e.max porcelain. These substances are not only incredibly durable but mimic the shine and translucency of natural enamel.

Permanent Crown

In about two weeks, your permanent crown will be ready, and we will schedule your return appointment. Dr. Grossman will remove the temporary crown and prep the tooth by buffing and cleaning the surface enamel. Finally, the restoration is secured with special dental cement and cured in place.

"Absolutely amazing!! Movie star teeth and smile. Dr Grossman is the Michaelangelo of cosmetic dentistry!!!! Evelyn his assistant is simply the best! Love this practice and the entire staff. Thank you for changing my life!!!"
- Michelle Berke